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Government markers for graves of Confederate veterans are always ordered directly from the U.S. Government or the manufacturer (with no monetary gain to the UDC).

A U.S. Government-issued gravestone is available at no cost, and is for use when the grave is unmarked or marked in such a way that it is considered unmarked according to Government regulations. It is ordered directly from the U.S. Government and is available in several styles. The form, which is self-explanatory and contains detailed ordering information, may be obtained from your local Veteranís Administration Office.

To find the application and more information on ordering a U.S. Government headstone or marker, go to and go to the 'Grave Marker Order Form'.

Iron Cross marker (fashioned after the Southern Cross of Honor) is for use with an existing gravestone. It is available by mail from several different manufacturers. To obtain the latest order form, go to, contact the UDC Business office at (804) 355-1636, or contact us via email.

Do not submit these orders to the UDC Business office or any UDC affiliated group -- however, if you live in Nashville or the surrounding area, please contact us and let us know when you plan to erect the headstone or marker. If you wish, a local UDC chapter may be available to participate in the dedication of the new headstone or marker.

Before ordering either of these markers, always check with the cemetery where the marker is to be placed about it rules and regulations. Any cost of installation is the responsibility of the person or group ordering.

Please note that the existence of a gravesite of an Iron Cross or U.S. Government grave marker denoting Confederate services does not automatically qualify said Confederate for eligibility as an eligible Confederate ancestor, for UDC membership purposes.

The UDC encourages the documentation of the location and the marking of all Confederate graves; however, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

U.S. Government markers should never be ordered for a Confederate grave that is already marked. Federal regulations are quite clear on this point. It does not matter whether Confederate service is not indicated on the existing gravestone; if a marker or headstone has the name and date of birth and/or death, the Government considers it a marked grave. If the grave is already marked, an Iron Cross should be placed to denote Confederate service.

A good faith effort should be always be made to locate descendents of the individual whose grave you plan to mark in order to obtain their permission. Cemeteries are almost always on private property, so bear in mind that the land/grave belongs to someone. Think about it - would you want YOUR ancestorís grave marked without your knowledge or permission?

Cemetery Restrictions - Before ordering any marker, consult the cemetery where the marker is to be placed about their specific rules and regulations. Most cemeteries require written permission from a family member prior to placing a marker on/beside an existing gravestone. Some may restrict the type of marker that may be placed; some will not allow the placement of a marker that could be hit by grass mowing machinery. Many cemeteries will not let individuals place a marker; only the cemetery may place it - for a fee. 
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Not for fame or fortune, not for place or rank,

Not lured by ambition, or goaded by necessity,

But in simple obedience to duty as they understood it,

These men suffered all, sacrificed all, dared all ---- and died.
Composed by
Reverend Doctor Randolph McKim
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